Drawn Cup Needle Roller Clutch Bearing and Bearing Assemblies

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Clutch Bearing and Bearing Assemblies

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China excellent quality Drawn cup needle roller clutch bearing (one-way bearing) 

This is compact and roller type one-way clutch which formed a cam face on its outer ring.(shaft diameter range: 6mm to 35mm).When the outer ring begins to turn in the counterclockwise direction( direction marked on the outer ring width surface) relative to the shaft,the force of spring causes the rollers to advance to the engagement positions on the outer ring cam face,thereby the wedge action taking place between the outer ring cam face and the shaft drives the shaft. When the outer ring rotates in the clockwise direction against the shaft, the shaft rotates counterclockwise relatively to the outer ring and,as a result,the rollers get away from the outer ring cam face and at meanwhile the outer ring idles against the shaft.

The bearing is punched by alloy plate with thin-walled outer ring,cage,spring and needle roller,which can be used to transform one-way torgue. Widely used in fittness equipment,money counting machine,washing machine,fishing tools,toy car and so on.

Type HF: one-way clutch HF composed of an outer ring drawn from a thin steel plate by precision drawing 

                has the clutching function only.

Type HFL: one-way clutch HFL has an outer ring drawn from thin steel plate by precision drawing,a                               clutching function and an integral needle roller and cage assembly capable of supporting radial 

                 loads at its both ends. 

Main characteristics: 

1,one-way rotate 

2,High transform frequency and conversion accurcy

3,Easy to assemble, accordinate with ball bearing

4,Compact and lightweight

5,Accurate action

6,Superior durability

Main application:

1,Home appliance(washing and drying machine, and dishwashing machine)

2,Copiers and fax machine

3,Compact gear motors

4,Compact tramsmission

5,Conveyor transmission

6,Index and backstop mechanism,

7,electric-assist bicycle


Oil lubrication is optimum for these one-way clutches,but generally grease lubrication is mostly applied to this type of one-way clutch.


In assembling,be careful to prevent the outer ring from twisting.Avoid to hammer directly the outer ring and,in press-fitting,bring a proper jig in contact with the outer ring side face without fail. Furthermore,when press-fitting in an housing with shoulder,good care must be exercised to prevent the bearing side face from coming into contact with the housing shoulder and to thereby to avoid deformation of the bearing.



  Drawn cup needle roller clutch with bearing support,which is metric design.                 



Hand rotation flexibility: Tested by overpass gauge,rotating smoothly in clockwise direction,self-lock is                                                 reliable in anti-clockwise direction.

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