Machined type needle roller bearing without an inner ring NK series

Machined type needle roller bearing without an inner ring NK series

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China excellent quality machined type needle roller bearing without an inner ring.

Entity bushed needle roller bearing Without Inner Ring This kind of bearing has no inner ring and is suitable for supporting structure with limited radial mounting size. The journal matching with the bearing is directly used as the rolling surface.As the raceway surface shaft, the hardware must be hardened and ground, and only when it is machined to the appropriate size and shape accuracy, the whole set of needle roller bearings can have a higher life and operation accuracy.At the same time, because there is no inner ring, so the diameter of the shaft can be appropriately increased, which also increases the rigidity.

Main characteristics:

1,Low height of cross section

2,  High load carrying capacity

3,  Separable design

4,  High stiffness

5,  Accommodate axial displacement

6,  Compact and different structure

7,  Flexible fit

8,  Big range of size

9,  Thick outer ring provides maximum load capacity and shock resistance with a relatively small radial               cross section.

NK series



Q:Does your company produce according to the national standard?Or according to their own internal control standards of production?

A: Powerlong precision machinery produce the solid ferrule needler roller bearing totally according to national standard.


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